Career Profile

Seasoned IT professional with 15+ years of experience in relational database development and management. A deep understanding of build automation, configuration management, and continuous integration, delivery and deployment practices. Passionate about driving continuous improvement through measurement and meaningful instrumentation. Holding DevOps principles of culture, automation, measurement and sharing as core values.

You can read about a few of my career highlights below.


Lead Solutions Architect

2019 - Present
Onica (California)

Major US-airline, required-to-fly application suite migrated to AWS

  • Helped establish containerization workflows
  • Rearchitected the suite’s main data-source (Gemfire) to operate in the cloud efficiently and reliably
  • Lead the design, implementation and testing of their disaster recovery solution

Lead Engineer

2018 - 2019
Onica (California)

Mentor and complement a team of Cloud Engineers delivering innovative solutions

  • Deliver AWS workshops and developed practical lab materials

Cloud Engineer

Onica (California)

Helping companies innovate through Cloud Transformation

  • Early EKS adopter

Sr. DevOps Engineer

2017 - 2018
ExamSoft (Texas)

Develop, maintain and monitor a microservices CI/CD pipeline.

  • Leveraged AWS Cloudformation to codify infrastructure
  • Built automation, testing and deployment via Jenkins pipeline
  • Ansible as glue-code between layers and as a Packer provisioner
  • Docker as the preferred packaging format
  • System-level metrics and visualization through Cloudwatch and Grafana
  • NewRelic and SysDig to provide APM and trace-level visibility
  • LogEntries for log aggregation

DevOps Engineer

2015 - 2017
ExamSoft (Texas)

Develop infra-as-code under AWS

  • Developed Cloudformation templates to spin entire environments up and down in minutes
  • Experimented with Terraform as a cross-platform infra-code alternative
  • Developed reusable patterns using Ansible / Jinja and Cloudformation

Planned and executed migrations from on-prem to cloud

  • Pro/Con analysis of porting products from on-prem to the cloud
  • Turned a large portion of “pet” infrastructure into “cattle”
  • Wrote Ansible-based Packer provisioners for Linux hosts and SysPrep for Windows
  • Implemented last-mile configuration through native bash and Powershell scripting

Sr. Database Administrator

2011 - 2015
ExamSoft (Texas)

Extensive experience managing and developing for relational databases

  • Managed 1300+ databases across multiple MSSQL failover clusters
  • Introduced the team to a suitable version control and release framework
  • Mentored other developers in data modeling best practices
  • Established the core pilars to start data mining with business intelligence in mind
  • Operationalized three major client platform migrations, working closely with stakeholders from all business units

Consultant: DBA & Sys Architect

2008 - 2011
Verizon (Texas)

IT and Project Management

2001 - 2008
Oblio Telecom (Texas)

Architected the company’s MVNO program via integration with Sprint and Telcordia

Rolled out our own ERP and fully integrated it with vendors and clients

Developed, hosted and maintained a direct to consumer online retail operation

Planned and supported a 247, on premises, fully staffed support call center from an IT standpoint


These are just a few of the projects that I’ve maintained over time, either out of sheer necessity or as experimentation sandboxes.

Fedora workstation provisioner - Tired of rebuilding and installing Fedora workstations, I decided to put myself out of business using Ansible.
Grafana Stack - An easy way to get started with Grafana using Docker
S3 bucket role - An Ansible role to help provision and manage S3 buckets through Cloudformation –especially handy to manage S3-backed websites.

Skills & Proficiency

SQL Server

Shell & Powershell




Windows Server



Java & Groovy

Docker & containers